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Acid Reflux (GERD)

Acid Reflux is when the liquid/acid in your stomach shoots up into your esophagus. Acids in your stomach help to break down food, however some people may feel experience acid reflux (sometimes referred to as heartburn) or upper abdominal discomfort on an empty or full stomach. Painful, unusual or excessive burping can also be associated with acid reflux.

When should you see a doctor about acid reflux?

  • When you expel gas (burp) and it’s uncomfortable
  • If you take an over the counter antacid at least twice a week
  • If you’ve had to alter your diet
  • When you need to sleep propped up in your bed
  • When it affects your quality of life
  • If you're unable to eat certain foods due to symptoms after eating
  • If you're unable to eat at all
Here's a feature that our own Dr. Jacob Karr had on KLFY.