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The ReShape Procedure


The ReShape balloon is actually two balloons connected by a tube; both the balloons and tube are made of silicone. The dual balloon is designed for temporary placement in your stomach and must be removed after six months. Using two balloons has a couple of important benefits. The dual gastric balloon conforms better to the curvature of your stomach, offering greater comfort after insertion. It also helps prevent migration because if one balloon deflates, the other prevents it from passing into the intestines.

A short outpatient procedure is all that’s required to insert the gastric balloons in your stomach. It’s performed in your doctor’s office while you are comfortably sedated with light anesthesia. The doctor will use an endoscope to examine your esophagus and stomach. This is a flexible tube that has a video camera on the end. A video screen connected to the camera displays the image. After examining the area, the doctor will insert the deflated balloon in your stomach. Once in place, the balloons will be filled with about two cups of saline, or salt water; the endoscope is then removed.

The balloons are inserted down your throat and the whole procedure takes about 20 minutes with no need for any surgical incisions. The procedure requires little downtime; most people can return to normal activities after a few days.

The ReShape Dual Balloon doesn’t permanently alter your stomach in any way, it simply takes up space. With less space in your stomach, there’s less room for food and you feel full faster. Once you’re stomach is used to the balloons, you can eat the regular, healthy foods you love. You will be provided a personalized weight loss program to maximize your results. After six months, the balloons will be removed from your stomach with a similar outpatient procedure.

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