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What to Expect

The ReShape procedure is broken down into three phases: readiness, jump start and healthy living. Our team can help guide you through each phase so you feel confident throughout the procedure.

Phase 1 – Readiness

During the readiness phase, you’ll meet with our healthcare team to conduct a readiness assessment. This determines whether you’re a good candidate for the ReShape Gastric Balloon. You might also attend an educational seminar during this phase where you can learn more about the procedure, possible side effects and what to expect.

After scheduling your procedure, you’ll meet with the healthcare team for a physical exam and to gather your health history. You’ll also receive information about what to eat before and after balloon insertion, as well as medications that can help make you more comfortable after the procedure. Be sure to fill any prescriptions from your doctor before the procedure and take them as directed. A dietician and possibly a fitness expert will also meet with you during the readiness phase to speak to you about a personalized weight loss plan.

Phase 2 – Jump Start


The jump start phase helps give you a boost to achieve lasting weight loss. During this phase, the ReShape Dual Balloon is inserted in your stomach during a short non-surgical weight loss procedure. Once in place, it limits the amount of food your stomach holds, beginning active weight loss. You’ll meet regularly with our healthcare team during this time to get diet and exercise coaching designed to help you maximize your weight loss. You’ll also receive tools to help you build healthy weight management skills. At the end of six months, the balloons are removed from your stomach, again with a short outpatient procedure.

Phase 3 – Healthy Living


Once the ReShape balloons are removed, you’ll continue to receive coaching for another six months. This helps reinforce the skills and habits you learned during the jump start phase. You’ll also be able to use the ReShape Healthy Living resources to help you succeed. The goal of the healthy living phase is to build the skills you need to stay at your new, lower weight. Although the goal is maintenance, some people do continue to lose weight during this phase.

The full year of coaching during the second and third phases of the procedure is designed to encourage healthy living and support your success. You can make changes during this period that will help you continue to live in a healthy way for the rest of your life.

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