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General Dietary Guidelines for ReShape


Your healthcare team will give you dietary guidelines to follow prior to the procedure. It’s important to follow their recommendations carefully, but here’s a general idea of what to expect:

Preparing for Balloon Insertion

You must arrive with a completely empty stomach or the procedure will have to be rescheduled.

After the ReShape Procedure

Once the balloons are inserted, your stomach will need time to get used to their presence. There are four stages to help you move from clear liquids to eating regular food again. Usually you progress through the stages at your own pace; once your stomach is comfortable at one stage, you can move to the next.

Stage 1 - Clear Liquids

The first stage involves only clear liquids and usually lasts between one and three days following the procedure. Warm liquids are sometimes easier to tolerate than cold ones. It’s important to avoid carbonated beverages because they may cause bloating and gas. Examples of clear liquids include:

Stage 2 - Smooth Foods

Smooth or pureed foods are the next stage; this stage usually occurs between four to seven days after the procedure. You can use a blender to puree foods to a smooth consistency. Examples of smooth foods include:

Stage 3 - Soft and Crunchy Foods

In stage three, you’ll start to add soft and crunchy foods to your diet. This stage is usually eight to ten days after balloon insertion. Examples of soft and crunchy foods include:

Stage 4 - Normal Foods


By around day 11 after the ReShape procedure, you’ll probably reach stage four and can start eating regular food again. During this stage, it’s important to keep some general guidelines in mind:

Preparing for Balloon Removal

For the removal procedure, you’re stomach again needs to be empty. If food remains, sometimes a special tube can be used to prevent food from entering your windpipe during the procedure.

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