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What should I expect?

At the front desk you will meet with a staff member who will confirm your identification and insurance information, check you in for your appointment and ask you to have a seat. A Medical Assistant will call your name and bring you (generally alone, without your family members) to the "triage" area where she will weigh you, review your medications and allergies, check your heart rate and blood pressure, and ask you a few questions. Afterwards, any family members can accompany you as you proceed to the clinic exam room. The Physician or Nurse Practitioner will meet you and ask you detailed questions about your current problems, past medical history, family history, and other pertinent information. You will then have a complete exam. Afterwards, the provider will discuss the plan of care, give you written instructions and possibly order tests, (such as blood tests, x-rays, GI procedures, or motility tests), and either refer you back to your referring physician or set up a follow-up care. You will then be brought to the check out area where staff members will answer any questions, collect any required payments, and schedule any tests and appointments.